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Heroic Blackhand!

Hellig wow-optioMWoWwow-cent posted Apr 25, 15

Congrats to the WoW BA team on the Heroic Blackhand kill. Mythic BRF here we come!

Heroic Blast Furnace... Blasted!

Hellig wow-optioMWoWwow-cent posted Apr 4, 15

The WoW Province has been hard at work in Blackrock Foundry and is now 9/10 Heroic, and making solid progress on Blackhand.

WOW - Heroic Gruul Down

Ezweb aMWoWLegates posted Feb 12, 15

BA WOW Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse down!

Ezweb aMWoWLegates posted Aug 19, 14
Heroic Siegecrafter down!