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Black Desert Guild Quest Night!

Parslip aMLegates posted Apr 16, 16

We just finished our first Guild Quest Night in Black Desert.  We had previously tried our hand at a guild gathering quest, but failed to complete it in the 2 hour window due to a misunderstanding of the game.

Tonight, we tried it again, armed with knowledge and full on Energy, and we rocked it!  Completed the first quest in less than 30 minutes, and the second in about an hour.  Took our guild coffers from about 90k silver all the way up to nearly 900k!

Stay tuned for more Black Desert news!

Daikaze, Soulsteel and Parslip, Black Desert Guild Quest Night.

Heroic Blackhand!

Hellig posted Apr 25, 15

Congrats to the WoW BA team on the Heroic Blackhand kill. Mythic BRF here we come!

The WoW Province has been hard at work in Blackrock Foundry and is now 9/10 Heroic, and making solid progress on Blackhand.

WOW - Heroic Gruul Down

Ezweb aMWoWLegates posted Feb 12, 15